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A Note to Our Readers: This information is not intended to prescribe, it is to educate you on the Historical uses of Herbs, vitamins, etc. Products listed are 100% High Quality & Guaranteed Pure.



ALFALFA - Health builder, arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland, weight gain

ALGIN - Lead & Mercury poisoning, radiation sickness

ASTRAGALUS - ADD, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis

BEE POLLEN - Allergies, quick energy, nature’s most perfect food, natural no-dose

BERBERINE IR - Healthy blood sugar levels, helps belly bloat, reduces belly fat

BILBERRY - Strengthens capillaries, night blindness, antioxidant, improves vision

BLACK COHOSH -Estrogen effects, hot flashes, nerves, pain

BLACK WALNUT - Cleanses parasites, anti-fungal, skin rashes, eliminates toxins

BLESSED THISTLE - Takes oxygen to brain, digestion, increases mother’s milk

BURDOCK - Reduce swelling and deposits in joints, blood purifier, gout, eczema

BUTCHER’S BROOM - Improves circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins

CAPSICUM - Circulation, strokes, blood pressure equalizer, colds

CASCARA SAGRADA - Constipation, increase peristaltic action, gall bladder

CATNIP - Colic, nerves, cigarette craving, colds, flu, digestion, hiccups and gas

CHAMOMILE - Insomnia, improves appetite, drug withdrawal, nerves

CHARCOAL - Kidney failure (to help clean blood), intestinal gas, antidote for poison

CHICKWEED - Appetite depressant, burns fat, dissolves plaque from veins

CORDYCEPS - Used by Chinese in Olympics, slows aging, energy

CORNSILK - Kidney, bladder, bed wetting, painful urination, prostate

CURCUMIN - Inflammatory conditions, infections

DAMIANA - Hormone balance, Parkinson’s disease, get pregnant, boost sex drive

DANDELION - Anemia, liver, blood cleanser, endurance, age spots, hepatitis

DEVILS CLAW - Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

DONG QUAI - Hot flashes, hormone balance, nerves, brain nourisher

ECHINACEA - Antibiotic, lymph system, blood purifier/builder, immune system

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) - Energy, stress, endurance, depression, impotency, stimulant

FEVERFEW- Migraine headaches, muscular tension, intestinal worms

GARLIC - Normalizes blood pressure, yeast and bacterial infections, colds

GARLIC/HIGH POTENCY -1200 MG Pure concentrated garlic without the smell

GINGER - Expels gas, motion and morning sickness, flu, diarrhea, settles stomach

GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT T/R -Memory and brain food, 1 per day

GOLDEN SEAL - Infection, natural insulin, cleanses urinary system

GOTU KOLA - Brain food, memory, learning disabilities, vitality, depression senility

GREEN TEA EXTRACT - Antioxidant, weight loss, energy

GUGGUL LIPID - Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, burns fat

HAWTHORN - Heart, hardening of the arteries, adrenals, stress, blood pressure

HOPS - Insomnia, nervousness, decreases desire for alcohol, hyperactive children

HORSETAIL - Stops hair from falling out, stops split ends, nails, tumors

HYDRANGEA - Arthritis, gout, kidney and bladder problems, dissolves stones

JUNIPER BERRIES - Restores pancreas and adrenals, diuretic, dropsy, uric acid

KAVA KAVA CONCENTRATE - Reduce anxiety and depression, reduce pain, relax muscles, sleep aid

KELP - Thyroid, fingernails, goiter, helps take fat off hips, complexion

LICORICE - Adjusts blood sugar, quick energy, cough, hoarseness, adrenals

LOBELIA - Asthma, congestion, pneumonia, strong relaxant, pleurisy, lungs

MACA - Fatigue, impotency, low sex drive, increase buttock size

MARSHMALLOW - Bladder and kidney problems, bed wetting, inflammation

MILK THISTLE T/R - Liver, hepatitis, alcoholism, age spots, jaundice, hot flashes

MULLEIN - Nervous cough, lung and sinus congestion, T.B., lymphatic system

NOPAL - Normalizes blood sugar, improves immunity, strengthens urinary systems, poultice

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT- Viruses, colds, Flu, boost immune system, herpes & yeast

PARSLEY - Bad breath, blood builder, high in potassium, kidneys, diuretic

PASSIONFLOWER - Eye infection and tension, stress, sleep, hyperactive children

PAU D’ ARCO - Historically used for cancer, leukemia, tumors, yeast infection

PSYLLIUM HULLS - Scrubs colon, best fiber, diverticulitis, colon blockage

RED RASPBERRY - The pregnancy herb, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis

ROSE HIPS - Natural vitamin C complex, colds, infections, blood purifier, flu

SAFFLOWERS - Gout, hydrochloric acid for digestion, reduces cholesterol and uric acid

SAGE - Stimulates hair growth, improves memory, sore gums and throat, nerves

SAW PALMETTO - Breast builder (small or saggy), prostate, glands, wasting diseases

SLIPPERY ELM - Acid stomach, digestion, diaper rash, hiatal hernia, ulcers

SPIRULINA - High source of protein, energy, weight loss, blood builder

ST. JOHN’S WORT - Concentrate - Anti-depressant, stress, relaxant

UNA DE GATO (CAT’S CLAW) - Immune builder, cancer, AIDS

UVA URSI - Spleen, bladder and kidney infections, diabetes, gonorrhea, cystitis

VALERIAN - Natural tranquilizer, pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promotes sleep

WHITE OAK BARK - Hemorrhoids and bleeding, varicose veins, pyorrhea, pin worms

WILD YAM - Female glandular tonic, anti-inflammatory, natural progesterone and birth control

YARROW - Obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, chicken pox, colds/fever/flu

YELLOW DOCK - Anemia, blood purifier, itching, liver, skin problems, hepatitis 



ANXIOUSLESS - Anxiety, depression, PTSD, nerve exhaustion

ANTI-GAS FORMULA - Gas indigestion and bloating formula, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

APS II - Herbal aspirin, arthritis pain, muscle relaxant, neck pain, tension headaches, NERVOUS SYSTEM

ARTEMISIA - Powerful anti-parasite combination, IMMUNE

ASHWAGANHA - Anxiety, sleep, energy, T3

BP-X - Blood purifier, poison ivy/oak, acne, psoriasis, skin problems, CIRCULATORY

BONE SKIN POULTICE - Bone healer, wound healer, poultice, STRUCTURAL

BLOOD PRESSUREX - For mild to moderately elevated blood pressure, supports circulatory system

BLOOD SUGAR FORMULA - Normalize blood sugar (esp. for diabetes, hypoglycemia and weight loss)

BRONCHIAL FORMULA AV - For symptoms of asthma, bronchitis

CA, Herbal - Calcium for building nerve sheaths, bones, teeth, cartilage, SKELETAL

CAPSIUM/GARLIC/PARSLEY - High blood pressure, cholesterol, CIRCULATORY

CARDIO ASSURANCE - Supports blood flow, helps keep Homocysteine levels in the normal range

CC-A - Cold, flu, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, IMMUNE

CELLULAR DETOX - General cleanser, Cleanses toxins from ALL SYSTEMS

CLT-X - Colitis, irritable colon, digestion, diarrhea, INTESTINAL SYSTEM

CRANBERRY BUCHU - Candida, nourishes urinary tract, URINARY 

C-X - Natural hormone replacement & balancing, menopause, hot flashes, GLANDULAR 

E-TEA (Essiac tea) - Herbs historically used for cancer, tumors & fibroids

ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL - Builds immune system, antibiotic

ENERG-V - A synergistic combination of all the herbs for ENERGY

ENVIRO DETOX - Detoxify immune system from environmental toxins

FEMALE COMFORT - Menstrual problems, cramps, uterus, GLANDULAR SYSTEM

FENUGREEK & THYME - Sinus/migraine headaches, dissolves mucus, RESPIRATORY

FOUR - Asthma, bronchial and food allergies, laryngitis, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

GC-X - Regulates circulation, warms extremities, CIRCULATORY

GALL BLADDER FORMULA - Gas, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, dizziness, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

GINKO/HAWTHORN - Brain, heart, ringing in ears, vertigo, CIRCULATORY

HEAVY METAL DETOX - Removes lead, arsenic, and mercury

HERBAL PUMPKIN - Parasites, tumors, cleanses blood vessels, helps INTESTINAL

HS II - Strengthens and feeds the heart, cleanses blood vessels, helps CIRCULATORY

HERBAL SLEEP - Promotes natural sleep, relaxant, stress, muscle tension, NERVOUS SYSTEM

HERBAL TRACE MINERALS - Mineral combination for anemia, pregnancy, animals, GLANDULAR

HISTA BLOCK - Natural Antihistamine, opens nasal passages 

HY-A - Hypoglycemia, adrenal rebuilder, energy, mood & blood sugar swings, GLANDULAR

INTESTINAL SOOTHE AND BUILD - Colitis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, abdominal pain, inflamed intestines

IF - C - Inflammation, fever, profuse sweating. reduces heat & irritability

I-X - Aids iron absorption, anemia, fatigue, styes, BUILDER 

JOINT SUPPORT - Arthritis, joint stiffness, bursitis, gout, SKELETAL SYSTEM

JP-X - Kidney and bladder infection, strengthen & cleanse kidney/bladder, URINARY

KETO - Promote weight loss, burn fat at a faster rate

KIDNEY ACTIVATOR - Bladder and kidney problems, bed wetting, strengthens entire URINARY SYSTEM

LBS II - Stool softener, constipation, bad breath, cleanses INTESTINAL SYSTEM

LB-X - Intestinal, digestion and elimination

LIVER CLEANSE - Blood detox, cleanser and strengthener of gall bladder, spleen, LIVER

LUNG SUPPORT - Emphysema, strengthen to heal

LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE - Natural antibiotic, infection fighter, IMMUNE

MARSHMALLOW & FENUGREEK - Expel lung mucus, emphysema, RESPIRATORY

MENSTRUAL REG - Heavy bleeding, menopause 

MIND-MAX - Memory, brain food, concentration 

MOOD ELEVATOR - Anti-depressant, energy, helps hormones

NERVE CONTROL - Anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervous breakdown, stress

NERVE EIGHT - Reduces nervous tension, anxiety, stress, neck & shoulder pain

PRO-PANCREAS - Blood sugar problems, diabetes, rebuilds and strengthens pancreas 

PROTEASE PLUS - Digests protein compounds, full spectrum plant-derived minerals activate enzymes

P-X - Prostate inflammation, cleanses the prostate 

PAPAYA MINT (CHEWABLE TABLET) - Indigestion, gas, heartburn, enzymes for DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

PLS II - Bone knitter, internal and external wounds, back pain, ALL SYSTEMS

PS II - Prostate problems (Alt. with P-X), problems of URINARY SYSTEM 

RED YEAST RICE - Lowers total cholesterol, raises HDL, Take with CoQ10

SC FORMULA (Shark Cartilage) - Immune system, inflammation, circulation, arthritis

SEASONAL ALLERGY - Lung and sinus congestion, allergies, cough, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

SENNA COMBINATION - Chronic constipation, stubborn bowels, INTESTINAL 

SKIN DETOX - Blood purifier for acne, eczema, psoriasis, age spots

SINUS SUPPORT EF - Sinus problems, anti-histamine, allergies, upper respiratory, decongestant, expectorant

SMALL INTESTINE DETOX - Cleans intestines for better food absorption, INTESTINAL

STRESS RELIEF (STR-C) - Stress, nerves, insomnia, neurosis, paranoia, hyperventilation

STRESS-J - Stress, spastic colon, nervous stomach, ulcer prevention 

SUPER ALGAE -Best super nutrients, high in protein, energy

SUGAR REG - Regulate blood sugar

THIM-J - Strengthens thymus (reverses tumors, Epstein Barr, exhaustion) IMMUNE

TS II with HOPS - Regulates thyroid (hyper-over active/hypo-under active), GLANDULAR

WILD YAM/CHASTE - Hot flashes, targets & balances female GLANDULAR SYSTEM


Improve your weakest Link

ENERGY - Feel better fast!

SUMA - Adaptogenic energy combo

MIND-MAX - Memory & Concentration

BEE POLLEN - No doze, nutritive energy

ENERG-V - Combination of energy herbs

 X-A- Sex drive & stimulant

SUPER ALGAE - Nutrition & energy

Cordyceps - Energy, endurance, used by Chinese during the Olympics

ADRENAL SUPPORT - Helps all types of stress and nourishes the adrenals 

CELLULAR ENERGY - Supports cellular metabolism, body odor, detoxifies waste from cells

DULSE 2 OZ. - Natural iodine, thyroid booster


EYES - Strengthens - LIVER - Sluggishness

LIVER BALANCE- Abdominal cramps, bloating, indigestion

MILK THISTLE COMBO - Restore and support a healthy liver

BILBERRY - Clearer vision, helps color perception, night vision, helps pancreas

LIVER CLEANSE - Liver, gallbladder, spleen, morning sluggishness

N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE - Supports liver and eye health 

PERFECT EYES- Cataracts, floaters, night blindness


COLON & INTESTINAL - Balance, cleanse and detox!

LBS II - Stool softener, constipation, cleanser 

SENNA COMBINATION - Strong laxative

CELLULAR DETOX - Detoxifies body

BOWEL DETOX - Cleanses, strengthens

HERBAL PUMPKIN - Parasite combo

ENVIRO-DETOX - Environmental detox



CLT-X - Colitis, irritable bowel, diarrhea

LB-X - Clean colon, safe for pregnancy

INTESTINAL SOOTHE & BUILD - Colitis, hiatal hernia, crohn’s

PARA CLEANSE - Parasite program

CLEAN START - Deeper more through cleanse

GENTLE MOVE - Supports digestive & intestinal health

HEAVY METAL DETOX - Absorbs heavy metal ions

LIQUID CLEANSE - 16 oz. - Digestive track detoxifier, cleanses the colon, great for children

TIAO HE CLEANSE - Cleanse entire body, sluggish feeling


NERVOUS SYSTEM - Stressed or not sleeping?

NERVE CONTROL - Stress, holding too much in

STRESS-J- Stress, spastic colon, ulcers

STRESS RELIEF - Palpitations, blood pressure

MOOD ELEVATOR - Improves vitality, depression

APS II - Herbal aspirin, tension 

HERBAL SLEEP - Promotes sleep, restlessness

NUTRI-CALM - Stress formula with B Vit.

MELATONIN EXTRA - 3 mg Regulates sleep

NERVOUS FATIGUE FORMULA - Caffeine addiction, concentration, diabetes (Type II) energy, Night sweats

NERVE EIGHT - Muscle tension



Nature’s Cortisol formula-Reduces stress, lowers cortisol, balances blood sugar, enhances weight loss.

DIETER’S CLEANSE 14 day - Eliminates toxic waste for a healthier colon, balances the body for optimal function & weight loss - Lose up to 14 lbs in two weeks.


Carbo Grabbers with Chromium - Stops carbs from converting to calories

CHICKWEED - Dissolves fat, cholesterol, appetite suppressant

COLLATRIM- Joint pain, tones skin, weight loss

RED BEET FORMULA - Cleanses liver, excessive appetite (Fasting Formula)

SPIRULINA - Stop snacking, high protein, brain food, energy

LICORICE ROOT - Regulate blood sugar, activate adrenals


CLA - Reduces fat and cellulite

FAT GRABBERS - Dissolves & traps fat and carries it out of the system

L-CARNITINE - Reduce cellulite and burns fat

GARCINIA COMBINATION - Keeps carbs from turning to fat, reduces appetite

GTF - CHROMIUM - Burn fat, not muscle, decreases sugar cravings

METABOMAX PLUS - Boost metabolism, increase energy, burn fat, contains caffeine

METABOMAX FREE - Caffeine free, boost metabolism, increase energy, burn fat

Ultra Therm - Break down fat while increasing calorie burn, energy

NIACIN - Lowers cholesterol, increases circulation, Add Kelp-for cellulite


7-KETO - Helps reset body weight set point

CELLU-SMOOTH - Cellulite, helps remove fatty deposits from thighs, hips buttocks & upper arms

SF - Body cleanser, boosts energy, balances blood sugar, digestion, reduces tension, reduces food cravings, relieves water retention, dissolves fat, stimulates colon

THYROID ACTIVATOR - Strengthens thyroid to increase metabolism

TIAO HE CLEANSE or LBS II - - Clean the colon first, rid the body of metabolic wastes

KIDNEY ACTIVATOR - Chinese combination for water retention (Add B 6 if severe)


FREE AMINO ACIDS w/MAGNESIUM & L-CARNITINE - Muscle tone, strength & endurance

GTF - CHROMIUM - Increases overall muscle strength and size

L-CARNITINE - Burns up fat in muscles, heart & liver, Energy/Endurance

CO Q 10 100 mg - For that essential “quick release of energy from deep within”, the heart

SUMA - “For Everything” physical stress, stamina, cancer, immune, repair

PDA - Enzyme to aid digestion for those on a high protein diet

SAFFLOWERS - Helps eliminate buildup of uric and lactic acid, alleviate fatigue and muscle cramps after exercise

TEI FU MASSAGE LOTION - Deep-penetrating solution soothes aching muscles and stiff joints

RELIEF FORMULA - Muscle pain after exercising

EVERFLEX w/Hyaluronic Acid - Arthritis, joint mobility




ELDERBERRY IMMUNE- Immune builder, colds, anti-viral


PROBIOTIC POWER - Aids digestion, intestinal flora


SEASONAL ALLERGIES /ALJ- Allergies, asthma, sinus, cough

CATNIP & FENNEL- Colic, gas, fever

CBG- Colds, earaches

CC-A (2 oz.) - Colds, cough

ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL (2 oz.) - Infections

FOCUS ATTENTION (Powder)- ADD, concentration, energy, and memory

LB EXTRACT (2 oz.) - Constipation

LOBELIA ESSENCE (2 oz.) - Earache, congestion

OREGON GRAPE (2 oz.)- Blood purifier, eczema

ULTIMATE ECHINACEA - Build immune system or infection prevention

VS-C (2 oz. )- Blood purifier, eczema



BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT - (2 oz.) Kills and expels worms. Also good for healthy skin

HSN-W - Encourage healthy shinny coats, builds strong sound bones

JOINT HEALTH AYURVEDIC - Joint stiffness, hard to walk, helps rebuild and cleanse joints

MSM -Organic Sulfur. Constant scratching, hot spots, great for skin and coat

TEA TREE OIL - (.5 oz.) Use as dip, kills fleas and mites. Dry skin



ACIDOPHILUS - Restores friendly bacteria after antibiotics, essential to healthy colon

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID - Antioxidant, liver detoxification, nerve damage, neuropathy

A & D - Vision, skin, hair, blackheads, immune system, hormones, antioxidant

B-6 - Pregnancy nausea, carpal tunnel, leg cramps, anemia, PMS, edema, burning feet, prevents tooth decay, sore lips/tongue, whiteheads

B-BALANCED - High B 12, also assists in B 12 absorption, great for vegetarians, balance coordination, pernicious anemia, body odors, sore tongue

B-COMPLEX - Nervous system, fatigue, mental problems, muscles, hyperactivity Needed if consuming antibiotics, birth control pills, coffee, sugar, refined foods

C-TIME RELEASED - Adrenals, bruising, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, detoxifier, colds

CALCIUM PLUS D - Great organic calcium formula

CALCIUM MAGNESIUM SYNERPRO - Chelated calcium w/ cruciferous vegetables, boron, etc.

CORAL CALCIUM PDR (75g) - Helps balance acidity

CHROMIUM - GTF -Regulates blood sugar levels, stops sugar cravings

CHONDROITIN - Joint pain, use with Glucosamine

CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS/VIT. C - Asthma, spider veins, hot flashes, hemorrhoids

COLOSTRUM - Boost immune system, anti-aging

CO-Q 10- Antioxidant, all heart problems, Alzheimer’s, tumors, cancer, emphysema

D-3 - Arthritis, bone health, fibromyalgia pain, immune system, and lupus

DHEA-F/DHEA-M - Slows aging process, remedy for degenerative diseases, master hormone

E COMPLETE w/SELENIUM - Heart, fertility, circulation, liver, muscles, menopause, skin, loss of sexual interest, miscarriages, speeds wound healing

EVENING PRIMROSE - Female disorders, high blood pressure, nerves

FLAX SEED OIL- Best organic source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, heart, cholesterol

GLUCOSAMINE - Joint and cartilage repair, osteoarthritis

GRAPINE H/P - From pine bark & grape seed. Most powerful antioxidant, ADD children

IRON (chelated) - Itching, irritability, hair loss, vitality, depression, anemia

LECITHIN - Heart, arteries, nervous system, brain, cholesterol, psoriasis, fat dissolver

L-GLUTAMINE - Alcohol craving, fatigue, menopause, senility, aging, brain food

L-LYSINE - Shingles, cold sores, mononucleosis, candida, herpes

LYMPHOMAX - Swollen glands, tonsillitis, body tonic, mastitis, immune system

MILK THISTLE T/R - Liver, hepatitis, alcoholism, age spots, jaundice, allergies, acne

MAGNESIUM - Anti-stress, depression, muscle relaxant, arrhythmias, nature’s laxative

MAGNESIUM COMPLEX - Beneficial for musculoskeletal health

MELATONIN EXTRA -Sleep disorders, jet lag, antioxidant

MSM -Arthritis, inflammation, allergies, skin and connective tissue

NIACIN - Migraines, cholesterol, depression, hostility, digestion, skin

PANTOTHENIC ACID/VIT. B-5 - Stress, fatigue, old age appearance, gray hair

PHYTO/SOY - Protein, decrease cholesterol, cancer prevention, menopause, antioxidant

POTASSIUM (180) - Regulate heartbeat, calms nerves, cancer deterrent, saggy muscles, dry skin, sick feeling, continuous thirst, insomnia, poor reflexes

SKELETAL STRENGTH - Calcium/Magnesium for optimum calcium absorption, bones, leg cramps, pain

SNOREASE - Three key ingredients to open nasal passages, drains sinus

SUPER OMEGA-3; EPA - “Good fats” for health of veins, arteries, heart, arteriosclerosis, arthritis

SUPER SUPPLEMENTAL VIT’S & MIN’S - Maintenance for all, mega-dose for stress


ZINC - Taste/smell loss, prostate, needed to repair injured tissue



ALOE VERA JUICE (32 oz.) -Digestion, allergies, cuts, burns, colon, ulcers (whole leaf)

BENTONITE (Hydrated) (32 oz.) - Absorbs and removes toxins from colon

COLLAGEN - Skin, joints, gut, protein

Ionic MINERALS w/ACAI (32 oz.) - More easily assimilated into body

SILVER SHIELD (6 oz.) - Used as antibiotic before penicillin, colds, anti-viral/bacterial

LOCLO - Five kinds of fiber and nutrients with Stevia to lower cholesterol and blood sugar

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL - Anemia, body/bowel deodorizer, builds blood (16 oz/32 oz)

MINERAL-CHI (32 oz.) - Emotional, mental and physical energy

NATURES NONI (16 oz. 32 oz.)- Arthritis, soothes inflammation reduces pain

NATURE’S THREE - Fiber to control, cholesterol, blood sugar, constipation & diarrhea

GREEN ZONE POWDER - Whole food-powdered drink mix

PSYLLIUM HULLS COMBINATION - Bulk laxative, soothes irritated tissues, chron’s ulcers

THAI-GO (25 oz.) - Circulation, energy, inflammation, eyesight

VITA-WAVE (32 oz.) - Vitamins, minerals & amino acids for adults and children

REJUVENAID - Cardiovascular health Increases NO (nitric oxide) & energy 30 pks

ULTRABIOME Dtx-Advanced heavy metal detox, metal taste in mouth


GLANDULAR - Healthy sex drive, menopause, PMS, Prostate Men and Women Concerns


FLASH-EASE - T/R designed to reduce hot flashes

DHEA-F - Menopause, anti-aging

PHYTO-SOY - Menopause, osteoporosis

WOMEN’S X-ACTION - Increases sex drive - Prostate, impotence

MEN'S FORMULA - Enlarged prostate

DAMIANA-Infertility, increase sperm count

DHEA-M - Andropause, anti-aging

HERBAL PUMPKIN - Prostate help

LECITHIN - Sexual aid, seminal fluid

X-ACTION RELOADED - Increases sex drive

MASTER GLAND - Balancing formula for Hyper or Hypo, balances thyroid & adrenal glands

X-A - Sex rejuvenator and stimulant, libido, normalizes hormones for men and women, fatigue

5 - W - Use last five weeks of pregnancy, speeds up delivery, use after for healing

MENSTRUAL - REG - Heavy bleeding, pain, bloating & mood change

CRAMP RELIEF -Cramps, ovarian pain, hot flashes

ESTRO ASSURED - Balance hormones, promote normal breast function, breast lumps

C-X - Estrogen replacement, low sex drive 


PANCREAS AND ADRENALS - Blood sugar/exhaustion

HY-A - Hypoglycemia, strengthen adrenals

HY-C - Adrenals, balance hormones

BERBERINE IR- Insulin resistance, diabetes

GTF CHROMIUM - Diabetes, sugar craving

PRO-PANCREAS - Herbal diabetic formula

BLOOD SUGAR FORMULA- Reduce insulin, cloudy thinking

GOLDENSEAL -Lower blood sugar

CINNAMON BALANCE - Balance sugar

Mineral - chi - Nourish adrenals, best energy builder


DIGESTION - Good health begins here!

PROACTAZYME - All food types (No HCI) 

GASTRO HEALTH - Bacterial ulcers


PAPAYA MINT - Heartburn, flatulence

FOOD ENZYMES - Digest all carbohydrates, fats, and protein, no more bloating

STOMACH COMFORT - Heartburn, natural antacids

SPLEEN ACTIVATOR - Digestive tonic, energy to a tired body, ulcers, spleen builder

PDA - Protein digestion, mineral absorption


SKELETAL SYSTEM - Strong bones & joints

PLS II - Over acid conditions, wounds

SC FORMULA - (Shark Cartilage) - Arthritis

BONE SKIN POULTICE - Bone healer, inflammation

Skeletal strength - Chelated calcium, bones, teeth

CHONDROITIN - Joint pain use w/Glucosamine

HP/GRAPINE - Inflammation, joint flexibility 

JOINT SUPPORT - Arthritis, bursitis, gout

JOINT HEALTH-AV - Ayurvedic, skeletal support

UÑA DE GATO (Cat’s Claw) - Arthritis, Pain

HERBAL CA - Repairs bones, nerves

MSM - Connective tissue and joints

GLUCOSAMINE - Repairs Joints

NATURE’S SEA CALCIUM  - Excellent source of calcium & magnesium derived from red algae

EVERFLEX - w/Hyaluronic Acid arthritis, joint integrity, flexibility and lubrication

IF RELIEF - Muscle pain, puts out the fire of inflammation


RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - Breathe normally

CC-A - Muscle Aches, cold prevention

FOUR - Asthma, bronchial & food allergies

SNOREASE - Stop snoring, open sinuses


LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE - Natural antibiotic for respiratory

ELDERBERRY D3 DEFENSE - Colds, allergies

HISTA BLOCK - Allergy, hives, itching, natural anti-histamine

SINUS SUPPORT EF - Sinus problems, anti-histamine, allergies, upper respiratory, decongestant, expectorant

FENUGREEK & THYME - Sinus, headaches


IMMUNE SYSTEM - Strengthen your defenses

E-TEA - (Essiac Tea) Historical use cancer

ECHINACEA (180) - Immune builder, infections 

COLOSTRUM - Nature’s first food

Paw Paw Cell-Reg - Cancer, tumors

UÑA DE GATO - Inflammation, herpes, lupus, tumors

TRIGGER IMMUNE - Rebuild immune system

CELLULAR DETOX - Cleanse body

THIM-J - Increase T-cells

INDOLE - 3 - CARBINOL - Morning muscle pain, protects breast tissue, prostate and cervix (refrigerate)

DEFENSE MAINTENANCE- Antioxidant, colds, cancer, immune deficiency 


NATURAL ANTIBIOTICS - Fight bacteria, viruses & infections

LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE HY- Antibiotic for hypoglycemics 

IN-X - Tonsillitis, skin infections, influenza


GARLIC - Nature’s antibiotic, building

GOLDENSEAL - All infections 

LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE - Fights colds, sore throat, sinus

SILVER SHIELD - Antibiotic 100% Safe

VS-C - Viruses, herpes, canker sores, AIDS


URINARY SYSTEM - Improving your plumbing!

KIDNEY ACTIVATOR (K) - Diuretic & cleanser

URINARY MAINTENANCE - Build urinary system

KB-C - Incontinence, sciatica urinary system

JP-X - Bladder, kidney infection

CRANBERRY & BUCHU - Urinary cleanser

CHINESE KIDNEY ACTIVATOR - Water retention, nephritis, edema


CIRCULATORY SYSTEM - Healthy heart, veins, & blood pressure!

C0-Q-10  - All heart problems, antioxidant

VARI GONE - Varicose veins, hemorrhoids

MEGA CHEL- Oral Chelation

CAPSICUM & GARLIC - High blood pressure 

H/P GARLIC - (Odorless) Blood pressure

HS II - Strengthens heart, blood pressure

CARDIO ASSURANCE - Reduce risk of heart disease circulatory disorders

CHOLESTER - REG. - Lower & inhibit production of cholesterol

KRILL OIL w/K2- Cardiovascular & brain health

NATTOZIMES PLUS - Digest fibrin in blood and prevents blood clots

GINKGO/HAWTHORN - Brain, circulation

 I-X - Aids iron absorption, anemia fatigue.


HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS - Look your best!


SKIN DETOX - Acne, blackheads, blemishes

BLOOD STIMULATOR - Blood purifier, circulation

HSN-W - For longer, stronger hair & nails

BP-X - acne, boils, eczema, psoriasis

HSN COMPLEX - Feeds hair, skin & nails, eczema, dermatitis, thin hair


GOLDEN SALVE - Skin healer, antibiotic

ALOE VERA GEL - Scar tissue, burns

SILVER RESCUE GEL - Antibiotic, viruses, aids wound healing 1st & 2nd degree burns

TEA TREE OIL - Fungus, acne, athletes foot

PAU D’ ARCO LOTION - Itching, fungus

JOJOBA OIL - Scalp & hair problems


A Note To Our Readers

This information is not intended to prescribe herbs and vitamins for specific health problems. It is to educate the general public concerning the historical (tried and proven) uses of herbs and provide a reference tool for those who want to use herbs and vitamins to feed specific body systems. (Printed April ‘2021) ( Ref. “Todays Herbal Health” and “NSP system Guide to Health”)